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What are the top 20 online jobs?

Working online is an exciting opportunity and it has the potential to bring you lots of revenue. But you have to figure out what online jobs are paying the most and it all comes down to what you know and what you like to do. Ideally you want to work online in a field that you are very passionate about. If you do that, it will not feel like work at all. Here are the top 20 online jobs that you will certainly enjoy immensely if you give them a shot!

1. Web Designing

Web designing is a great way to be creative and help customers establish their online presence. Plus, it’s quite lucrative from a professional standpoint!

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require a lot of time, but millions of people are doing it and it works really well for them financially.

3. Blogging

Blogging is amazing because you get to express yourself, educate people and earn money from that.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping requires you to basically resell products and you can make quite a lot of money this way. Just try to take your time and commit to selling the right items, it will pay off.

5. Amazon

Amazon reselling or flipping is quite good and lots of people make money from it.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant tasks are abundant online and there’s always need for such services in the business world.

7. Writing

Writing tasks are also in high demand, so learning how to write good content will net you a good job.

8. Domains

Buying and selling domains is very fruitful. You don’t invest a lot of time, and the payoff alone is amazing.

9. Data Entry

Data entry can also be a great job, although it won’t pay that much at first.

10. Translation Jobs

Translation jobs are very good too, lots of people are willing to pay top dollar for the best translations.

11. SMM

Social media management jobs require you to manage social media for various companies. It works really well and it will deliver stellar results in no time.

12. Micro Jobs

Micro jobs like the ones on Clickworkers or Amazon Mechanical Turk don’t take a lot of time, and profits add up quite fast all the time.

13. Product Tester

You can be a product tester and basically test products at home at your own pace.

14. Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiter jobs are actually very interesting and there’s a lot of demand for this type of task.

15. Selling Photos

Selling photos is a lucrative way to make money online and you should try it if possible.

16. If you have a great voice, sell your service online and you are bound to enjoy the experience quite a lot.

17. Transcription jobs

Transcription jobs require you to transform video content in text. It might be tedious and time consuming, but there’s a lot of demand for this.

18. If you are a great designer, selling your designs in the online world helps a lot. It’s a great way to earn money doing the things you love.

19. Creating mobile apps or desktop apps is also quite lucrative. There are lots of clients waiting for you to provide such a service.

20. Business consulting or advice, even coaching services can be provided online. If you have talent for this type of tasks, then you should consider offering such a service.

It’s easy to see that there’s a lot of demand for work online. And if you’re serious you can make a lot of money. You need commitment, focus and you must work hard for everything. Once you do that nothing will stand in your way and you can earn quite a lot online!


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