In this post, I will explain the meaning of drop shipping and how you can make money from this. I will also help and teach you how to find drop shippers.

Drop shipping is a when a company stocks the items/products, and sends them directly to your customers. Usually, when you have a store online, you need to buy stocks in advance then you send the item/s to your customers.

Drop shipping let’s you skip this step. For example, when a customer buys an item from your online store, you contact your drop shipper (drop shipping company) and buy the item from them. Your drop shipper will send the item directly to your customer.

What is drop shipping? What is a drop shipper?

Now, how do you make money from this?

All you need to do is open up an online store and sell items or products you can drop ship. Then, you can mark-up the prices to make a profit usually by 10% up to 50%. You can open an online store on Ebay or Amazon or make your online store from SaleHoo Stores. This way, you will not have to  pay Ebay or Amazon fees.

How do you find drop shippers?

You can find a lot of drop shippers in China but a lot of them can’t be trusted and sometimes you don’t receive the items. The easiest way to find one that you can trust is through SaleHoo.  SaleHoo is an online directory that has over 8,000 plus drop shippers, wholesalers and liquidators. When you use a directory like SaleHoo, you can be sure you will be dealing with verified suppliers you can trust.


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