My name is Jany Battung and welcome to my page!


I created this page with the idea of helping businesses achieve their goals and get past the challenges that appear from time to time.

I wanted to share my story with you and show you that I can offer a helping hand if you want to be successful in your business.

I am a full time mom with a toddler named Madison. I am the only one that takes care of her, which means that I need to protect her and invest my time to help the entire family. I am always very committed to my baby, and that’s why I ventured into the digital marketing world.

The idea for me was to start doing online marketing to work from home during the night while she was sleeping.

Creating a home business isn’t easy, especially if you want to work from home and to be a stay at home mom. But through trial and error I started to 

learn how to have my own home business, and how to help customers evolve and reach the next level. Doing that can be extremely stressful and demanding, but it’s also the ultimate way to achieve success.

I am here to help business owners solve their problems. I am one of you, and I specifically had to deal with many roadblocks as I tried to create my own business. Thankfully, now you have me to help you how to overcome them. I learned the hard way, which means spending many days trying to figure out a solution. Just contact me if you need my help!


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